Rafi Ajl
Towards the Object as Event
Teo Almonte
Metro + - New York City Transit Authority
Eliz Ayaydin
I Was There When
Krishna Balakrishnan
Strange Encounters: An Investigation of Graphic Design-produced Artifacts that Discuss Hybrid Embodiment of Indo-Canadian Identity
David Bellona
Weighing the Cloud
Austine Berry
Graphic Design to the Rescue! Empowering Brand in the Nonprofit Sector
Michael Bonfiglio
Michael Makes Maps: An Exploration of an Exploration of Moving Maps Known Formally as Dynamic Cartography
Amanda Buck
Designer as Journalist
Christopher Cannon
Type Between the Spaces
Brooke Francesi
Temporal Typography
Mayuka Fujii
Gijinka: Illustrated Art School Discipline
Cristina Gaitan
Ecological Imagination
James Grady
Shift: Intuition. Transformation. Feedback.
Joe Granato
This is an Island and Therefore Unreal
Kyle Green
You Are In This Hyperspace
Nate Gulledge
Inferno: Seek Light or Abandon Hope
Rachel Hellgren
Inverting Perspectives: Realizing the Role of Design in Museum Management
Salih Berk İlhan
Alec Iverson
Alex Jacque
Viviane Jalil
Multiple Influences: from witnessing language to performing it
Brienne Jones
In and About
Daniel Khang
Hangul Proverbs
Sandra Kelly
Basil & Rosemary: A Chef’s Story Told Through Meals
Lucy Knops
The Void: Finding Value in Nothing
Marshall Lambert
There is Magic in Letting Go: Encouraging Improvisation in the Design Process
Lawrence Lander
The Block The Beast The Tower
Prin Limphongpand
Speculative Politics—Fictionalized Spectacle
Wenjie Lu
OUT OF PRINT/Interactive Poster Installation
Sally Maier
Design Dissection
Deborah Manchester
Alyssa Maroney
Breweries of the Hudson Valley
Florence Meunier
Disorientation in the City
Kyung-Joo Min
0+1=100: Daily Blessings
Sabrina Minter
Marc Marius Mueller
The Role of Design in Shaping a Global Social Discourse
Rusty Murphy
‘Control’ and informal appropriation: future architecture of the autonomous citizen
Kristen Myers
This Side This Side This Side This Side Up: An Alternative Approach to Social Design
Elin Nyberg
The Human Side of the Internet
Miguel Olivares
In Knead: Rebuilding Intent in our Relationship with Food
Amanda Pickens
WOW! Shop, Flip Copy
Jessi Putnam
Dear She: Love Letters to the Self
Shelby Rivers
Shweta Sharma
This Is Not a Toy
Malika Soin
Seeking The Magic In Design
Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
Prosthetics for kids as a social and creative tool
Heath Wagoner
Kelly Walters
Sitcoms, Slow Jamz & The White Cube
Lauren Walters
Life in Lyme Light
Brandon Washington
The Spectacle
Elisa Werbler
Max Wisotsky
Hong Zhang
Side A, Side B
Lolo Zhang
Captivism: New Regimes for the Modern Reader

Brett Newman is a San Francisco-based designer.
Brett Newman | MFA
The Museum of Acoustics

Born and raised in Singapore, Eddy Ibrahim graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Fresh from school he had a short stint as a designer in an advertising agency designing below the line communications for global brands like ExxonMobil, Guinness, and P&G.
Eddy Ibrahim | BFA
Aesthetics of Failure

Erin is a designer and recent MFA grad from the Rhode Island School of Design. While in school, she taught at RISD and worked at Interbrand Tokyo, the MFA Boston, and Stoltze Design.
Erin Zwaska | MFA
Adrift with a Draft: Graphic Design + the Poetic Potential of Technology

Anna Nazo is a multidisciplinary artist working with digital sculpture and contemporary technology and materials, who focuses on the future, space, biomorphic transformations, and sculptural reconstruction of the human body.
Anna Nazo | MFA
Typography in an Alter-Modernity Context

Nancy Skolos works with her husband Thomas Wedell to diminish the boundaries between graphic design and photography—creating collaged three-dimensional images influenced by cubism, technology, and architecture. Skolos is interim dean of Architecture + Design and Wedell is a senior critic in Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Nancy Skolos | MFA
Translating Musical Events Into Visual Imagery

Jessica Helfand, a founding editor of Design Observer, is an award-winning graphic designer and writer. A former contributing editor and columnist for Print, Eye and Communications Arts magazine, she is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale and a recent laureate of the Art Director’s Hall of Fame.
Jessica Helfand | MFA
License to Risk: The Square Revisited