Do the books have to be made with Blurb?

Why Blurb?
We’ve partnered with Blurb because we consider it to be the best platform for students to create professional quality thesis books. Blurb has a plug-in-for InDesign, a number of print options, and a selling platform that actually allows students to get their work out there.

What is a Thesis Book?
The thesis book is the final deliverable for most graduating students in design programs across the United States and abroad: usually it is a gathering of work, sometimes organized around one particular topic, other times more of a catalogue raisoné of the student’s body of work. Because it is written as well as designed by one person—you—we believe this is an important work that deserves to be shared and seen by more than your friends, family and immediate faculty.

What is a thesis book for undergrads?
Undergraduate thesis books are the same as graduate thesis books: each contains original visual work and original writing. The key to the thesis book is that original voice, and how it manifests visually in book form.

Can a book have multiple authors?
No. Books created by groups, classes and/or departments are not qualified to enter.

Does it have to be a thesis book? Can it be a book I made in school?
Yes, you may submit a book created for a class in college, provided you wrote it and that the work in it is yours.

Can I submit multiple books?
Not in this first round. Please chose the book that you think best highlights your work and design.

When did the book have to be made in order to be eligible?
All college student books produced in all countries, between January 2012 and June 2015 will be eligible for entry.

If I made my book with a different POD service, can I remake it with Blurb and enter it?
Yes, provided it works with one of Blurb’s specified sizes.

I made a book with Blurb but modified it significantly. How do I indicate that? Can I mail in a copy for the mentors to see?
When you submit your PDF, the final book should be reflected in that documents. Additionally, you can upload images to show details like embossing, patterns, etc.

How do I enter a book?
Books are not longer being accepted for this round of mentoring. We will announce a new round of mentors in the fall.
  1. Create your book with Blurb. We suggest the InDesign plug-in, if you haven’t created your book yet, or the PDF Uploader.
  2. Log in in or register with Design Observer.
  3. Go to the Thesis Book entry page and provide the relevant information.
  4. Upload a 15 page PDF preview (cover + 7 spreads) of your book.
  5. Upload any additional images of your book (to show things like embossing, or to give a better understanding of papers or textures.)
  6. Complete all of this by June 30th, 2015.

When and how will I know what books have been chosen?
All books uploaded before 30 June will be eligible for sharing with our mentors during July and August. Selected books and related discussions will be posted on the site in September.

When can I enter a book again?
This site will re-open submissions in the fall of 2015. Our mentors will cycle and change as their schedules permit, but will hail from many countries and schools, in keeping with our ongoing efforts to encourage work from newly-minted graduates around the globe. We will announce the second round of mentors and timing in the fall.

Who do I write with more questions?
Contact [email protected].