Kyle Green

You Are In This Hyperspace

Degree | MFA, Graphic Design, 2015
School | The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence

Artist's Statement

Imagine that as a satellite captures a photo of you from space, you upload a separate image of yourself to Facebook. Two representations are created by two alternate perspectives. The identities captured within these representations are fractured and blurred by traveling through the temporalities that manifested them. Residue from these temporalities wrap around the representations and alter them through visual or conceptual means. At this point in time, the identities of objects, people and environments have become increasingly layered through the shadow of adjacent space. This thesis examines representation within different spaces and the residue objects pick up as they move between spaces. Using existing media to surround a subject, I collect multiple perspectives to activate their hidden identities. Through pushing a subject between different perceived spaces, I examine the artifacts and meanings the subject inherits during this alteration and spatial change. This methodology seeks to use this multidimensional view of the content to create a larger context for forming narratives. Researching a subject and creating narratives is inherent in the field of graphic design. My approach towards design proposes that the narratives created can be enhanced by examining the representational, spatial and transmutative aspects of subjects. This method becomes a starting point and the basis to explore how we interact with and experience our surroundings with new representational freedom.

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