Kyung-Joo Min

0+1=100: Daily Blessings

Degree | BFA, Communications Design (Graphic Design), 2015
School | Pratt Institute , New York

Artist's Statement

I published an artist book, which gathers my four years of daily devotionals and Bible studies. (All book contents and photography images are produced by myself.) The design of the book is based on three main ideas. First, the book is closely related to the a scene in the Bible where the soldiers tear Jesus’ clothes and cast lots for them after he is crucified; the torn linens used in the background of the book represent the parts of Jesus's garments. The pieces are then sewed to a wholesome image, implying Jesus Christ's resurrection and his saving of the world. Also, the black and white contrasts the darkness of the secular world and the light of God. Carrying the hopeful message of the gospel, the black book gradually becomes white. In addition, relatively inexpensive ingredients are used for the book because Jesus Christ was always modest and lowered himself as he was born in a manger and rode a donkey. Putting all these ideas together, I wanted make the book a quiet yet powerful piece. Instead of the page numbers, a thread of each page indicates each day of daily devotionals, and it connects to other pages as long as they are all in the same day. Also, the stage (chapter) pages features the book's page itself as an image, becoming page inside the page, which plays with the idea of letting the readers look at oneself in a third point of view. The page within the page shows the status of a reader's mind and spiritual status in certain stage. Finally, the title 0+1=100 means that even if we have none (0), with God (1), we become wholesome (100) and receive the perfect peace and satisfaction.

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