Lucy Knops

The Void: Finding Value in Nothing

Degree | MFA, Products of Design , 2015
School | School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Artist's Statement

This book documents the body of work completed over the course of eight months during the thesis year of SVA’s Products of Design program. The objective of The Void is to reframe the role of absence in people’s daily lives and to utilize design and structure to tap into its benefits. It begins on a conceptual level asking questions: What if nothing could be something? What if we could add to our lives by taking away more? Can absence give us substance? The family of offerings create opportunities for people to consider alternative ways to navigate their daily choices and actions. The objects, services, interventions and experiences of The Void materialize the abstract theories that inspire the work, in order to make those concepts tangible and available for consideration. The Void offers means for people to invite absence into their lives.

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