Marc Marius Mueller

The Role of Design in Shaping a Global Social Discourse

Degree | MFA, Graphic Design, 2013
School | Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Artist's Statement

In today’s times, public discourse is dominated by economic ideology. Social values and environmental considerations are often disregarded in favor of profit-oriented decision making. Historically, design has often taken on the role of a service provider to corporate clients, further advancing private interests. With the continuous erosion of common social values, it is the responsibility of designers to assume a different role in order to advance the cause of overall societal well-being. This book examines the role of design in empowering independent, self-sustained local communities, and helping develop frameworks to connect them to improve social and ecological sustainability and overcome the current societal model that is heavily dominated by economic values. Drawing inspiration from collaborative and participatory design approaches, socially conscious design practices, and design thinking, this book studies alternative approaches to community empowerment. Instead of focusing on helping communities reintegrate into the existing economic system, it explores how developmental efforts can strengthen locality, and how these efforts can be scaled, so that large-scale problems can be solved through distributed problem-solving.

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