Sabrina Minter


Degree | BA, Media, 2015
School | Ulster University, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Artist's Statement

This book accompanies a field of research based around the comparison of fictional and non-fictional Cyborgs. It visually constructs a narrative behind developments in technology and their relationship to how technology is portrayed in film and games. The relationship between fictional and non-fictional Cyborgs are visually displayed and contrasted with one another using a timeline and digital concept art. This book shows the relevant research behind the project as well as how each image was constructed. The timeline uses a historical format, where time orientated knowledge has the ability to compare predictions in science-fiction film and games with current Cyborg technology and developments. The piece works from the audience's existing awareness of the fictional Cyborg, and draws from this to make visual comparisons to relevant non-fictional examples as the user physically walks though time. The piece discusses whether fictional portrayals of a Cyborg used in film and games have leveraged existing research and technological developments to influence the display of an achievable futuristic piece of Cyborg technology. It also goes of to discuss whether there are notable examples where film-makers have driven significant developments in technology and science.

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