Rafi Ajl
Towards the Object as Event
Teo Almonte
Metro + - New York City Transit Authority
Eliz Ayaydin
I Was There When
Krishna Balakrishnan
Strange Encounters: An Investigation of Graphic Design-produced Artifacts that Discuss Hybrid Embodiment of Indo-Canadian Identity
David Bellona
Weighing the Cloud
Austine Berry
Graphic Design to the Rescue! Empowering Brand in the Nonprofit Sector
Michael Bonfiglio
Michael Makes Maps: An Exploration of an Exploration of Moving Maps Known Formally as Dynamic Cartography
Amanda Buck
Designer as Journalist
Christopher Cannon
Type Between the Spaces
Brooke Francesi
Temporal Typography
Mayuka Fujii
Gijinka: Illustrated Art School Discipline
Cristina Gaitan
Ecological Imagination
James Grady
Shift: Intuition. Transformation. Feedback.
Joe Granato
This is an Island and Therefore Unreal
Kyle Green
You Are In This Hyperspace
Nate Gulledge
Inferno: Seek Light or Abandon Hope
Rachel Hellgren
Inverting Perspectives: Realizing the Role of Design in Museum Management
Salih Berk İlhan
Alec Iverson
Alex Jacque
Viviane Jalil
Multiple Influences: from witnessing language to performing it
Brienne Jones
In and About
Daniel Khang
Hangul Proverbs
Sandra Kelly
Basil & Rosemary: A Chef’s Story Told Through Meals
Lucy Knops
The Void: Finding Value in Nothing
Marshall Lambert
There is Magic in Letting Go: Encouraging Improvisation in the Design Process
Lawrence Lander
The Block The Beast The Tower
Prin Limphongpand
Speculative Politics—Fictionalized Spectacle
Wenjie Lu
OUT OF PRINT/Interactive Poster Installation
Sally Maier
Design Dissection
Deborah Manchester
Alyssa Maroney
Breweries of the Hudson Valley
Florence Meunier
Disorientation in the City
Kyung-Joo Min
0+1=100: Daily Blessings
Sabrina Minter
Marc Marius Mueller
The Role of Design in Shaping a Global Social Discourse
Rusty Murphy
‘Control’ and informal appropriation: future architecture of the autonomous citizen
Kristen Myers
This Side This Side This Side This Side Up: An Alternative Approach to Social Design
Elin Nyberg
The Human Side of the Internet
Miguel Olivares
In Knead: Rebuilding Intent in our Relationship with Food
Amanda Pickens
WOW! Shop, Flip Copy
Jessi Putnam
Dear She: Love Letters to the Self
Shelby Rivers
Shweta Sharma
This Is Not a Toy
Malika Soin
Seeking The Magic In Design
Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
Prosthetics for kids as a social and creative tool
Heath Wagoner
Kelly Walters
Sitcoms, Slow Jamz & The White Cube
Lauren Walters
Life in Lyme Light
Brandon Washington
The Spectacle
Elisa Werbler
Max Wisotsky
Hong Zhang
Side A, Side B
Lolo Zhang
Captivism: New Regimes for the Modern Reader